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 Shawn Tell arrives.

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Shawn Tell

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PostSubject: Shawn Tell arrives.   Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:23 am

The cameras head to the car park in time to see a nearly broken down old car splutter its way into view. After several failed attempts at parking in a straight line it eventually manages to settle roughly into a spot and coughs as the engine is killed.
From the passenger’s side emerges a small girl, probably aged about ten.
Girl: Come on daddy, we’re here, I’m so excited.
Out of the driver’s side emerges a peculiar sight. It is clearly a man dressed as a robot. Badly.
He takes a few strides towards the entrance of the building where tonight’s show is being broadcast and his rather thin metal arm falls off with a clank - revealing a well built, strong, human arm underneath - He sighs as he picks it up.
Shawn: This may not be the best plan we’ve ever had Suzie.
Girl: Well I’ve told my classmates that I have a robot who is a wrestler, you wouldn’t want me to look stupid would you? You’ve got to get this job, please... pleeeeeeezzzzze!
Shawn picks up the arm, straps it back onto his own arm and continues to clank towards the arena...
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Shawn Tell arrives.
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