Will the trail you follow lead you to greatness or defeat?
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PostSubject: Misuse   Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:19 pm

Name: Misuse

Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 11

Weight: Fluctuates wildly depending what he's on at the time, but usually between 60 and 80 kilos.

Age: No one knows, not even him, but we assume it to be in the earily 30s.

Real Name: Billy Shipp

Nationality: Jamaican


Billy Shipp, although of Jamaican roots, was born and raised in USA. As a young child he displayed remarkable athletic abilities - in cricket, soccer, baseball, and indeed, wrestling. He played at a representative level in all those sports, but rose to prominence as a high school wrestler, racking up an impressive unbeaten run in his final year and even making it to the national finals.

In his final year of High School, things were looking rosy for him. Colleges were already vying for him, scholarship offers were rampant. He was expected to be the National Champion by everyone and anyone. There were even talks of him making the Olympic Wrestling Team.

But a trip back home to Jamaica brought that crashing down. A bad cousin, a few of his friends, and a couple of joints was all it took. Billy was hooked. The highs of success, national recognition and popularity were nothing compared to what this small little roll of paper held. The adrenaline rush from overpowering an opponent, the thrill of competition, the cheering fans, were all soon forgotten.

When Billy returned, he wasn't the same. He started to smoke, he would hit bars and nightclubs and go on mass drinking binges. His academic performance slipped, his athletic performance even more so. His coaches, teacher, parents and friends tried to intervene, but he was having none of it. The pressure placed on his to change, just drove him deeper.

After a few months, his parents found used syringes in Billy's room.

The police soon issued a search warrant, and substantial traces of LSD, Cocaine and Ecstasy were found in Billy's room. But the most damning piece of evidence was a small glass vile, containing a solution which contained, after inspection, over 500 grams of dissolved heroin.

Billy Shipp was soon arrested, and placed in prison for 5 years. His future was ruined.

Billy spent the next decade or so as a junkie. He severed all ties with his family and got a small job as a film developer in a local Kodak. He lived on a small flat and his only friends were the dealers from where he obtained pretty much every narcotic known to man. Screw cocaine and marijuana, he was bored of those 6 months from being released from prison. He got heavily hooked onto heroin and LSD, but as soon as his supplies and money ran out he found himself trying to find his fix another way. Cough Syrup, Glue, painkillers cheap alcohol. At different times over this decade, Billy was caught and arrested for drug dealing, possession, and minor thefts. He visited over 30 different rehab facilities, spoke to several therapists who wanted to see a change, and was generally a drain on society.

Somehow, through a mixture of his natural amazing physical fitness and all the time spent in prison and rehab, Billy never seriously overdosed, even though he had taken every drug known to man.

One day, Billy got up in his empty flat after another drinking binge, and looked in the mirror. His face was pale, his eyes were bloodshot, his teeth stained, his skin wrinkled. Getting up from the floor and walking to the mirror caused him run out of breath. His arms and hands were scarred, through a decade of inter-venous drug abuse.

That was the first time Billy had seen himself in the mirror for a decade.

That day scared Billy half to death.

A few hours later, he made a phone call to this cowboy he had heard off. A man named Pike who wanted to start his own wrestling federation.

The next day, his bags were packed and he was on his way to the Rough Trails Gym. Would Billy finally be able to make the most of the potential he squandered all those years ago, or will the lure of a false high be too strong to avoid? Will he finally go clean and make the most of his new lease on life, or will he betray those that care for him yet again? There is only one way to find out...
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