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 A late night at the office (Fighter Gimli's acceptence).

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PostSubject: A late night at the office (Fighter Gimli's acceptence).   Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:07 pm

*Altough it is already dark outside, Frank is still in his office looking at the roster and seeing that somthing is missing*

*Suddently the light is flashing and there is a hard knock on the door*

A voice from inside can be heard saying "Who is it?"

"The answer to all your problems Frank" was the quick response.

"What are you talking about? Quit playing games and get in here.".

*Fighter Gimli quicly enters and sais :"Who are you calling a fool, look at me, I am the answer, I am the solution, I am Fighter Gimli, and this is my Time, this is My Moment!

Frank raises an eyebrow at Gimili's speech."Ok, you're accepted, but you beter never try to show up like this again, or I will kick your ass!"

"You will not regret this" was Fighter Gimli's answer. And he left the room leaving Frank to his own toughts.
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A late night at the office (Fighter Gimli's acceptence).
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