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 Randal Storm

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Randal Storm


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PostSubject: Randal Storm   Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:12 pm

Name: Randal Storm

Face/Heel: Heel

Height/Weight/Age: 6'4"/ 320lb. / 22 years old

Physcial Appearance (clothes): Heavily Muscled Body wears slacks and nice shirt outside ring and long orange tights in ring with black lightning bolts down each leg with solid black boots.

Nicknames: The Hurricane

Catchphrases: A Storm is Coming

Taunts: In your face

Trademarks: Full storm slam, Modified Diving Spear, Modified Piledriver

Finishers: Hurricance slam

Video: N/A


Backstory: Randal Storm is an ex college football player. He was a three time All-American with a bright future in professional football. That is until some of his off the field activities and indescretions caused his stock to drop dramatically. Instead of accepting his fate of being drafted in the lower rounds and having to overcome the reputation he had earned off the field, he decided to take his great physical tools and make his way in the world of professional wrestling, where he could do things his way whether anyone likes it or not. So beware a Storm is Coming.
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Randal Storm
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