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 Christine introduction - Season 1 Episode 1

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PostSubject: Christine introduction - Season 1 Episode 1   Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:58 pm

*The lights go off in the arena suddenly, silencing the crowd. Everybody stares at the TitanTron, which lights on after a few seconds, playing Jessica by the Allman Brothers Band.

*The fans just getting the hang on this unexpected music, when an attractive girl steps forward from backstage with a microphone in hand, and smiles shyly. She has really rich black hair and huge eyes, wearing a solid costume. She walks down on the ramp and gets in the ring with a cat's grace, even an untrained eye can see she doesn't spend her time in a company of weights.

Justin: Look, who is she? Do we have a new announcer?
Rebel: Hey, are you serious? Don't tell...

*The girl raises the mic to her lips and cuts off Rebel.

???: Hello everybody! Oh, it's sooo nice to finally be here!

*She looks around while her shy smile from earlier gives place to a confident one.

Justin: What does this announcer want?
Rebel: You must be joking! How could you get this job if you can't recognise...

*The girl in the ring cuts Rebel off again:

???: Let me introduce myself, I'm Christine. And I'd like everybody to know that I'm really happy to be the part of this roster from the very first night of this federation!

*The audience cheers for Christine, while her expression changes to a shy one again.

Justin: What?? Part of the roster?!
Rebel: That's what I wanted to tell you...
Justin: Now it's YOU who can't be serious! What does a woman want in this federation?! Really?!
Rebel: Well, if you did your homework you would...

*Christine unknowingly cuts Rebel off the third time, as she continues her introduction.

Christine: I know most of you are surprised and don't really know why I'm here, but those are the people who drive me forward. All my life I watched wrestling and since I'm conscious I wanted to be a wrestler myself. I did everything I could to achieve my dream, I worked harder, I trained harder than anyone around, to finally prove myself. I came through the amateur rankings, to reach my first professional federation, RTG!

*The crowd goes wild as they hear the federation's name, their cheering doesn't let Christine talk for longs seconds.

Christine: But my dream doesn't end here, it has only started! I'd like everybody to know me, everybody to respect me, and I won't stop until every single fan of RTG would think about female wrestlers the same way as they think about our male counterparts!!

*The young diva bows to the audience, then slides out of the ring under the bottom rope ang walks up the ramp towards the ring entrance, waving to the cheering fans on both sides.

Justin: Is this for real?
Rebel: It is indeed. I can tell you, she is one in this federation who's worth watching out for.
Justin: Did you look at her build? A half decent trainee can crush her easily... She's thinner than... than these wires around the announcer table. She has major handicap in this federation, I have to say.
Rebel: Well, don't think the woman's body disadvantageous in every way! Not at all. She's very much like a wire like you mentioned: thin, but flexible. She isn't the strongest, but her body can turn in ways you'll never see from a male wrestler. And the devastating submission holds she can apply this way makes her a very very dangerous member of the roster indeed.
Justin: Well, I still have my doubts...
Rebel: I've seen her wrestling men when she was an amateur, believe me I know what I'm talking about...

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Christine introduction - Season 1 Episode 1
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