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 BlackAngel Promo

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PostSubject: BlackAngel Promo   Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:42 pm

Lights go off while "kidd russel rock song" sounds in all the field. Meanwhile a thin fog covers the arena. The crowd is silent, waiting for something.

Suddenly, lights go on, and BlackAngel appears in the ring, with a micro in his hands. He wears his silver costume, and seems very confident.

Good evening to everybody!! As some of you already know, I'm BlackAngel! some fans raise their posts and cheer his name

I have waited lots of years untill I was prepared to come back. Now, I'm not only prepared, I'm anxious to win the tournament! My hard work in the gym, my willpower, my inner strengh.. will show up soon. Prepare everybody, because BlackAngel is here!!! a barrage of shots from a browning m2 .50 caliber machine gun are heard over the arena, and sparks of all types are showering him

Today is an important date to remember.. the day BlackAngel came back!!!
Every time fans are more motivated and crowd starts cheering his name "BlackAngel!!! BlackAngel!!!!"

Lets the fight begin!!!!
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BlackAngel Promo
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