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 Fighter Gimli's promo (match against tim tebow)

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fighter gimli


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PostSubject: Fighter Gimli's promo (match against tim tebow)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:54 am

And now, we go backstage for the lovely Katy Bell.

"I am standing here with Fighter Gimli."

The audiance stands up and start to cheer for Fighter Gimli.

Today you will fight your first match in RTW, are you ready for it?"

Fighter Gimli starts to laugh.

"I don't mean to brag Katy, but this is why i came to RTW, to compete in matches, to win them and to make a fool out of people like Tim Tebow."

Katy is not that impressed and makes a last statement.

"Well Fighter Gimli, i hope you can prove your point today,and your match is next!"

There is a lot of tension in the air as suddently the ligts start flashing and Wolfmother starts playing New Moon Rising.

The audiance starts to cheer as fire is set off all around the entrance stage.
Fighter Gimli makes his way to the ring while a large moon is beeing shown on the screens.
He enters the ring jumps on the tunrbuckle and starts to roar like a wolf to the moon.
He seems ready to get this party started!
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Fighter Gimli's promo (match against tim tebow)
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