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 Stryker's Effect

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PostSubject: Stryker's Effect   Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:06 am

The cameras focus on the ring with a man holding a microphone.

Man: I am Stryker Zypher and I am better then you.

The audience starts to chant. "You suck, you suck."

Stryker: No, do not mistake me for your mother. You see I am simply the best. I am more educated then you, I am stronger then you, and I am faster then you all. Tonight I shall show my true dominance in a match in which I know nothing of my opponent. A match in which shall be my first. A match that shall effect not only the man dumb enough to come into my circle, and not only the federation in which I dominate, but the entire universe as tonight you shall witness a future legend in action for the very first time. Tonight I make my impact.

Stryker then drops the microphone as it is heard rattling around the arena.
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Stryker's Effect
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