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 Off To A Good Start

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Damon Paige


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PostSubject: Off To A Good Start   Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:19 am

Lights color the arena in a dark purple as the words "Yeah, Baby!" can be heard and a heavy guitar riff screams from the speakers.
Two men step out on the stage.
One of them is wearing a black pinstripe suit, a purple shirt and a yellow tie. Curly blonde hair falls on his shoulders.
He looks around the arena with a disdainful look on his face while stroking his goatee with his left hand.
The other one is not as formally dressed. He wears a wrinkled t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
His messy hair adds to the feeling that he's somewhat out of place next to the other man.

Rebel: I've been looking forward to this! I've seen the handsome fella backstage earlier tonight. I could tell he's up to something!

Justin: Looks like we're about to find out. Just to clarify... Who's "the handsome fella"? The guy in the suit or the one that look like my neighbor Chad?

Rebel: Haha, good one... No seriously, I can barely hold it together...

The strange duo walks to the ring and the bigger man helps the guy in the suit into the ring by spreading the ring ropes for him.
He grabs a microphone from the ring announcer and hands it to the blonde man.

Guy in the suit: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm sure you have enjoyed the mediocre wrestling crap you've seen here tonight so far.

The fans start to boo, showing that they obviously don't agree with his words.

Rebel: Now that's not a nice thing to say...

Justin: Well, he doesn't really look all that nice to me.

Rebel: Actually... I kind of like him. He has a lot of charisma.

Justin: What charisma would that be? He's a jerk!

Rebel: So are you according to some people! What troubles me though... why would a guy like him run around with a loser like that?

Guy in the suit: Yeah, yeah. I know you don't want to hear it but it's the truth! Everthing you've seen so far is crap compared to what I, Damon Paige, have brought with me to Rough Trails Wrestling!

The other guy bends down to the man with the mic and whispers something to him.
Paige turns his head towards the guy in the wrestling outfit. He doesn't look happy.

Damon Paige: I don't care if you liked the show so far! I do the talking here!

Justin: Sounds like there's trouble already!

Rebel: Damon is just setting the record straight! Looks like his underling forgot who's in charge.

[color=#003366]Justin: Oh please. How can you defend a guy like that? Let me tell ya, he's trouble.

Paige clears his throat before turning his attention back to the audience.

Damon Paige: A massive 230 pounds of pure destruction with only one goal: The undisputed domination of Rough Trails Wrestling!

He puts on a smirk as the crowd begins to boo even louder.

Justin: I'm with the fans on that one. 230 pounds isn't all that impressive.

Rebel: Yeah, you go and side with the fans. I trust Damon's judgement. He seems like a smart guy.

The big guy once again bends down to his manager and whipsers something in his ear.
As soon as he's finished, Paige smacks him on the back of the head and starts to shout at him again.

Damon Paige: Again, I don't care! You hired me! What I say goes! Now shut up!

Paige adjusts his tie. He's obviously not too fond of the way this introduction turned out.

Damon Paige: Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce...

Suddenly, he looks confused. He grabs the other guy and pulls him down to whipser something in his ear.
The big guy puts on a smile and replies.
For a brief moment, Paige looks surprised but then the color of his head becomes a deep red.
He starts to scream and shout while the big guy just smiles as if he was really proud of something.
Damon takes a few deep breaths before raising the mic again.

Damon Paige: I can't believe we're going with this but... Let me introduce... Creamcheesey!

Justin: Creamcheesey?! You've got to be kidding me! Does Paige really expect the locker room to be afraid of a guy named Creamcheesey?!

Rebel: As sad as it sounds, I think your right. That name is not going to strike fear into the hearts of the guys in the back. How did Damon Paige end up with that creep?

The man introduced as Creamcheesy starts to flex his muscles in the center of the ring.
Paige has dropped the microphone and is standing in one of the corners, leaning on the turnbuckle and shaking his head.
Cheesey tries to look dangerous and evil which only causes the fans to laugh.
Some of them are even chanting his name as he starts to pose again.
His manager then tries to push and pull him out of the ring before the show cuts to a commercial break.

---------- OOC ----------

I got the colors for the announcers from the shows. Justin is a bit hard to read here on the forum though. Not sure if my interpretation of them is right.
Any feedback from you guys?
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Off To A Good Start
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