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 How Bong "enters" RTG

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PostSubject: How Bong "enters" RTG   Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:13 am

It´s late in the night, sun has already set hours ago, and Pike´s just about to lock the doors to his gym.
A roaring engine sound approaches him, and suddenly bright lights from two giant headlights blind him, as the huge car comes down from the highway with screaching tires.
Not even thinking about using the break, the driver opens the passenger´s door to throw someone out of his car.

"Hey! You´re OK?"
The penetrant smell of beer and weed out of that guy´s throat is noticeable from a 20 yards distance.
"Phew ... right out of the whorehouse, I suppose?"

As Pike starts pulling him to the gym, a message catches his eye:
" He´s got talent. Make him rich, so he can pay me back."

Well, that crackhead doesn´t look like a star at all...
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How Bong "enters" RTG
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