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 DragonStein enters into the fan fray

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PostSubject: DragonStein enters into the fan fray   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:55 pm

The parking lot full of fans cheer for Christine for winning the Championship.

As DragonStein walks by the crowd the fans give birthe to him and applaude for his effort in 12 man .

One Fan: " Man did you see how he dominated till the end, guess he ran out of gas at the end".

yeah, yeah goes around the crowd.

DragonStein stops and stares toward the crowd, and spits a flame high overhead of the fan who made the statement.

the crowd cheers," Dragonstein , DragonStein"

DragonStein smiles and exits from the crowd knowing he has the respect of the fans for his efforts.

He enters the building to get ready for his next opponent.
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DragonStein enters into the fan fray
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