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 The unknown appeared at RTW

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PostSubject: The unknown appeared at RTW   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:24 am

The camera goes to backstage, at the locker rom where Jack Lee is with a new man, unknown for everybody

Jack Lee: Hi to all the fans, I´m here with one of the new members of this company to know something about him, because we haven´t any information about him. Please, can you tell us your name?

Solladiego: Hi Jack, I´m Diego. You know nothing about me because it is a clause that I put in my contract when I sign it. I want to tell in person and through interviews or in the ring my own bio

Jack: Well, that´s great. What else can you tell me about you?

Solladiego: I´m from Argentina. I´m an ex-militar in Argentina, but for some reasons that I don´t want to comment right now, I left it. Because of my training at the army, I enter to the wrestling world to earn some money and I became a respetable wrestler in my country.

Jack: Wow, that´s interesting. And why you join RTW?

Solladiego: I want new challenges. I know about this new federation and I send my application, and well, I´m here. I knew that the best wrestlers of the world will be here and this motivates me more to join this exellent company

Jack: I´m sure you´ll get what you want...

Solladiego: Yes, I hope so. Well Jack, nice to meet you. I have to leave because in a few minutes I have my first match...

Jack: Good luck for your debut

Solladiego: Thanks and see you man
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The unknown appeared at RTW
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