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 Interview Season 1 Episode 4

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PostSubject: Interview Season 1 Episode 4   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:42 pm

*Katie Bell and the former Rough Trails Wrestling Six Guns Champion, Christine sit on a bench in the locker room, with Katie holding a microphone in her hand.

Katie: About wednesday...

Christine: This federation, this whole thing turning a pro has been a rollercoaster ride for me so far. I was going to earn the people's respect, thought I was on track when I beat eleven other competitors to win a title, then I lost it in like 5 seconds in my first defense... Whatever respect I gained with winning the Six Guns Championship, I lost it instantly and then some... People brand me as a fluke now... And you know what?

Katie: Yes?

Christine: I'm not sure they're right or wrong. I believe in myself but you're as good as you were in your last match you know...

Katie: Now stop it! You outlasted eleven men out there, then were cheated out of your championship! Do you really think Bong deserves all the fame more than you?

Christine: I don't know...

Katie: C'mon, get yourself together and get back what is rightfully yours!

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Interview Season 1 Episode 4
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