Will the trail you follow lead you to greatness or defeat?
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 DragonSteins Origin

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PostSubject: DragonSteins Origin   Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:51 am

Dragonstein tells the audience a story of his origin.

A ceremony takes place in a cave, the last warrior to be initiated, before the bulldozers came and claimed their jungle kingdom they knew as home.Now with no lord to protect and his land he grew up with gone in a flash, They leave the world they knew and part their ways.

Months later,Dragonstein stops in front of a store window and sees a match on a strange viewing device, he looks over and sees a poster for a wrestling event.
A wrestling promoter notices his interest and talks to him and takes him to a wrestling gym and buys him lunch.

Today: " Now is Dragonsteins chance to prove worhty to his ancestors, to do battle in this Ring of Honor, and prestiege".

Welcome Dragonstein, to his destiny.
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DragonSteins Origin
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