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 DragonStein checks out the action on the magic box.

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PostSubject: DragonStein checks out the action on the magic box.   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:33 am

As DragonStein came from a land of the ancient ways ( see origin in the ring at forum) having never having a T.V. ( magic box to him) he watches a match that was suggested to him by BloodShark.

DragonStein: " Wow, look at the action going on in the ring. Like watching our old matches, this is pretty cool.

Hey what is this guy ranting about? An open invitational? Especially that fluke DragonStein who should not have made it all that way in 12 man Battle Royal. Why I!!!!!!!!

DragonStein grabs the communicator device Rocky Balboa gave him ( A mickey Mouse phone) and places a call to Bossman (PIKE).

A satisfying smirk on DragonSteins face after his conversation lets you good fans know that he has been successful.
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DragonStein checks out the action on the magic box.
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