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 DragonStein and the Note

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PostSubject: DragonStein and the Note   Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:37 pm

DragonStein Enters the locker room . All the wrestlers staring knowing full well that he went the distance, just short of a championship.

He opens his locker and takes out a sword. He sees a letter taped to the locker and opens it and reads it.

In a flash of anger he takes the sword and rams it into the locker and walks away.

BloodShark takes the fallen letter and reads it.

A note criticizing DragonStein for being second best in 12 man Battle royal and challenging him to a match however it is left unsigned.

Who is this mysterious person questioning DragonSteins ancient honor as a warrior in this new world to him.

Only pike and DragonStein know as he is heading to Pikes office......
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DragonStein and the Note
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