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 DragonStein thanks the crowd

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PostSubject: DragonStein thanks the crowd   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:26 pm

DragonStein: "Thank you all for your support. As My fan base is growing, i would like to thank all the fans out there for giving me support for what I trained all my life to do. Be a warrior."

The crowd gives wild applause and chanst in unison " DragonStein, DragonStein"!!!

I also appreciate the opponents I have fought against from the 12 man Battle royal to just recently someone i well know as a stable partner ROCKY BALBOA!!! Kudos to you partner, lets give him a hand for that last match.

the audience screams "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky.

DragonStein: "Both Rocky and Bloodshark have been stable partners in the same stable for a while, and I am glad to see all three of us made it to the same Federation." It ia an honor to fight here amongst all these warriors in this Federation. We shall be victorious as a great warrior clan/ federation led by Pike and the other Tribal leaders, Thank you".

wails of appreciation and thunderous applause as DragonStein bows to the crowd and takes his leave of the ring to prepare for his next encounter.

Only one question remains, " WHOS NEXT"?
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DragonStein thanks the crowd
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