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 Pointless rp for show 5

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PostSubject: Pointless rp for show 5   Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:33 pm

In-ring announcer Jessica Lowe and interviewer Katie Bell walk down the corridor in the locker room area.

Jessica: Chris is sooo lucky to have her own locker room...
Katie: It isn't hers, it's the diva locker room. She just happens to be the only diva signed on RTW.
Jessica: Hahaha, you're sooo smart!
Katie: At least we have a place to hang out when we aren't busy, it's sooo cool.
Jessica: And when are we busy, actually?

The two girls giggle as they turn the last corner and in a matter of seconds they face the door of Christi... the Diva locker room. Foghat's Slow Ride comes through the door.

Jessica: What is this? Christine listens to Christina Aguilera, doesn't she?
Katie: As far as I know, yes...

As they look at each other surprised, Christine's voice is heard from behind the door.

Christine (muffled): F*ck! You #@^;>Í€$!!

Jessica and Katie still stare at each other.

Jessica: And she never swears. At least I never heard her...

Katie: Not even in those stupid interactions with Bong.
Jessica: Or more like in those interactions with that stupid Bong...

Katie and Jessica finally knock on the door and after a moment Christine opens the door and invites her friends inside.

Katie: Are you okay?

Christine: Of course. Look what did I get from the GM!

Christine points towards the corner, where a used tv and an older version PlayStation 2 stand. In front of it there stands a chair with a Guitar Hero controller sitting on it. The Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock game is loaded in the system, while on the screen there is a message says: Song Failed at 57%.

Jessica: I didn't know you play Guitar Hero!
Christine: It's more like that it plays with my nerves, I guess...
Jessica: It's sooo cooool!
Katie: This system is pretty old though...
Christine: I guess so. But GM Frank Morgan said he didn't want me to be bored here alone and he promised I get a brand new PS3 soon. The federation is on the right course, he said.
Jessica: It definitely is. Our arena improves from show to show...

Jessica is cut off as a recent pop hit starts to play. She slides her hand in her pocket and pulls her phone out, stares at the screen briefly then looks at the others.

Jessica: Not mine.

Katie goes elbow deep in her bag looking for her phone while Christine spins slowly as she browses the locker room as she tries to find hers. Katie finds her first, but the music still plays.

Katie: You know we really should set different ringtones for us...

Christine finally finds her mobile next to the opened case of the Guitar Hero game. She slides her finger on the touchscreen and hits the speaker button on her Motorola Droid.

Christine: Hello?

A distorted, low voice answers on the other end.

???: Christine?
Christine: Yes. How can I help you?
???: Finally. What took you so long?
Christine: Ehrm... Who is it?
???: In time. I watched your every step on the show.

Katie and Jessica whisper to each other.

Jessica: Is he a crazed fan? A stalker maybe?

Katie: It's not fair, I never get those...

Christine raises her index finger to her lips, asking her friends to stay quiet as she continues the conversation.

Christine: Do you want to tell me something?

???: I know who hit Bong in his first match with the chair, for what he incorrectly accuses you.
Christine: Hmm, really? Are you going to tell me who did it?
???: Yes. I did.

The other party disconnects the line as the three women look at each other shocked.

Katie: It looks like you got yourself an ally against Bong.
Jessica: A wierdo ally.
Christine: Girls, do you think I'd like the company of a person who hits others in the head from behind? I was fine so far and I will...

Three sudden knocks on the door make Christine stop. They all wait silently, then Christine asks her guest to come in. GM Frank Morgan stick his head in.

Morgan: Hello everybody! Christine, I'm on my way to the ring and I have something I'd like to discuss with you on the way. Could you walk with me?

Christine: Sure...

Frank Morgan looks at his announcer and interviewer, and shakes his head.

Morgan: And ladies, could you please go back to work?

Jessica Lowe and Katie Bell stand up as giggle their way out of the locker room, with Christine following them. At the door Katie quickly turns around.

Katie: Psst, Chris! Make sure you ask him about the new PlayStation!

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Pointless rp for show 5
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