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 The Chief Makes His Entrance

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PostSubject: The Chief Makes His Entrance   Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:24 pm

A tall, very stocky young man wearing an elaborate traditional Indian head dress walks into the locker room wearing red trunks. Standing in a corner with a microphone is Katy Bell, smiling as the man with a slightly dark tinge to his skin walks toward her.

Katy Bell: Hello sir, *speaks with a gentle country drawl* Are you Chief Wahoo McDaniel?

Wahoo: Yes that's me, are you Katy Bell?

Katy: Yes I am, are you ready for your interview?

Wahoo: Yes.

*Katy Signals to a camera man in the corner turns a camera on a stand around to face Katy and Wahoo, he gives the thumbs up. Katy smiles wide and begins to speak.*

Katy: Hey wrestling fans, I'm here with our newest wrestler Chief Wahoo McDaniel. Wahoo, how does it feel to be in the RTW?

Wahoo: It feels Great Katy, I'm very excited.

Katy: Wonderful, what do you hope to accomplish in this federation?

Wahoo: Well this season I hope to just learn the ropes, get some experience so that I can compete with the big guns down the road.

Katy: That sounds excellent, do you have any goals in the meantime?

Wahoo: For right now my main goal is to focus on my training. However I heard something about an 8 second title that caught my interest. I'd like to work my way up to wrestle for this title.

Katy: Well Wahoo we're glad to have you in the RTW and we wish you luck.

Wahoo: Thank you.

*Both smile at the camera until the camera man gives the cut signal, after the interview Wahoo shakes Katy's hand and they both go their separate ways.*
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The Chief Makes His Entrance
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