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 Randal Storm Promo for 3-13

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Randal Storm


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PostSubject: Randal Storm Promo for 3-13   Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:25 pm

~The Scorpion's "Rock you like a Hurricane" begins to play and Randal Storm slowly makes his way down the ramp. Intentionally taking much longer than he should to make it to the ring antagonizing the fans along the way.~

~As Randal climbs into the ring the fans really letting him have it.~

Randal: "Well Frank, I'm here. Whose it going to whose it going to be? Who is my opponent that is suppose to strike fear in my heart?"

~The crowd is still booing while they are looking towards the ramp to see who its going to be.~

Randal: "Well what are you waiting for Come on Down You are the Next Contestant on you're going to get your a** Kicked."

~The crowd quitens some in anticipation.~
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PostSubject: Re: Randal Storm Promo for 3-13   Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:33 am

*** So if you know of Misawa then you will realise he was the most famous tiger mask. i am normally a heel but will turn face when I put the mask on. here is the start of long face run. My character will explain at the PPV his reasons. I would like an absolute beatdown from Randal if possible setting up a decent rivallry.***

As RTW cameras return from a commercial break, immediately appearing on the tv screens of viewers worldwide is a man facing the ring. His back is to the camera, but judging by the reaction from this capacity crowd they know who they are seeing. From his striking animal mask, his black belt down to his signature blue tights, everyone in the arena knows who is about to address them.

Rebel Dare “It’s…Misawa or should I say Tiger Mask.”

Misawa turns around to face the camera with a mic locked tightly in his right fist, the word “Tiger” atop his tights ignites a “Tiger Mask” chant from the fans.

“Oh my” says Rebel Dare, echoing the voices of all in attendence who are just as shocked as he is to be seeing Misawa as Tiger Mask.

They and the fans are in a state of shock as well, and they want to know why Misawa has ditched the green. Misawa enters the ring and goes to speak, they hold their breath as they prepare to receive the explanation they crave.

“You know…….

As he starts he is attacked by Randal Storm
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Randal Storm Promo for 3-13
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