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 DragonSteins open challenge

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PostSubject: DragonSteins open challenge   Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:10 am

DragonStein: " As you fine folks have seen, I have gone trhough a 12 man Battle royal to mthe last 2 wrestlers. Also fought my Good friend from Stable Rocky Balboa, Yoa Rock, Great Fight. Now of course is a new day, new challenges await. therfore I Challenge anyone I am set up with. I never make a request, lest people think I am making it easy for myself. So I leave an open challenge to anyone out in the back."

WOOOO!!!! Goes the crowd.

DragonStein : " So ,lets stop the talk and start to rock... and roll in the ring, comeon brother lerts make History"

The next opponent approaches......
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DragonSteins open challenge
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